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Sea Hammock Condominiums FAQ's

Welcome to Sea Hammock!

Marsh Landing Management Company (MLMC) manages Sea Hammock Condos, and Caryn Scott is your Association Manager. Should you have any questions concerning the Association, Caryn will be happy to assist you. You may reach her by calling (904)273-3033. She is also available by e-mail at

The Sea Hammock Board of Directors meets as needed at the Cabana Clubhouse. All residents are welcome to attend the Board meetings. Your input concerning the community is always welcome. Notices of the meetings are posted at the mailbox kiosks and on line on the community website:

Copies of the Documents as well as the Rules and Regulations for the Association, covering such items as requirements for leasing, pool use, and parking are available from Marsh Landing Management. If delivered by e-mail, there is no charge for obtaining the documents. Hard copies may be obtained from the Management Company for a reproduction fee.

Sea Hammock Condos - FAQ's

When are my Owners' Assessments due?

Coupon books are sent to each owner to use for paying monthly dues at the beginning of the year. Due dates and late fees are explained on the coupons. The funds are used to maintain the Reserve Account, cover the operations costs, pay for exterior and community common area maintenance, and other General Operating Costs. It is the owner's responsibility to update any change of address with Management Company to ensure proper receipt of assessment statements.

What are the entry procedures?

How to access the clubhouse, pool and pool bathrooms - Residents
Each resident has received two key fobs that are active during regular operating hours. There is a small gray tab on the wall/door - just press your key fob to or in front of this box and the gate/door will open. Only two fobs are permitted per household.

How to access the property - by vehicle - Residents

To open the gates while driving into the property, simply push the transponder button as you approach the gates.

The transponders will work at both the North and South entrances, similar to our old system. Each resident’s transponder will have its own, unique code that will be registered and recorded each time the transponder is used to open one of the gates. Residents are permitted up to 4 transponders per unit.

How to access the property - Visitors

The North entrance features a new, state-of-the-art keypad call-box to facilitate visitor entry. Visitors will only be able to access the property via the North entrance; the South entrance does not have a call-box and can only be accessed by residents and Cabana Club members.
The keypad call-box has a display screen that guests, contractors, etc. can use to locate the name of the resident they are visiting. When your name is selected on this screen, the gate system will automatically call you at the number that you recently provided to Caryn Scott. You will be able to speak directly with the visitor, and you can open the gates remotely by pressing 9 on your phone.

Since all visitors will need to use the North entrance, we recommend that owners use the South entrance in order to minimize traffic back-ups at the North gates.

  • Can I change the phone number that the gate access system calls when my visitors arrive?
    Yes, absolutely. Marsh Landing Management will maintain the database of names & contact numbers, so you can simply contact Caryn Scott and request a change at any time.
  • Can our unit have two separate entries in the call-box owner directory, each with its own contact phone number (e.g., “Jane Smith" and “John Smith")?
    Yes, this is possible.
  • What if my visitor / guest arrives at the gate while I'm not home, for example a cleaning service or repair person?
    You will have the option for the gate system to call your cellphone number instead of your landline. Using your cellphone, you will be able to open the gate remotely, even if you are not on site.
  • If I schedule a repair / renovation project while I’m out of town, can I request a temporary keypad access code for the contractors, one that would last only for the duration of the project?
    Yes, this will be an option. You can request a temporary code from Caryn Scott at Marsh Landing Management.
  • How can large numbers of guests gain access for events like real estate open houses or private parties?
    Marsh Landing will issue a temporary keypad access code that will expire at the end of the event.
  • How will the US Post Office, UPS, FedEx, etc. gain access to the property in order to deliver my packages, especially if I'm not there to answer the phone?
    Marsh Landing Management will issue each of these service providers their own unique keypad entry code so that they can make deliveries as needed, without relying on an owner to open the gates.
  • How will moving trucks and other large vehicles access the property?
    The South gates are designed to accommodate large trucks, by opening both the inbound and outbound gates simultaneously. This functionality will be administered by Marsh Landing Management, so please contact Caryn Scott in advance to arrange for large truck access.
  • What about emergency services, like the Fire Department?
    They will have their own, special key to gain entry at any time.

How often does the Board of Directors hold meetings?

The Windemere Board of Directors meets as needed at the Cabana Clubhouse. All residents are welcome to attend the Board meetings. Your input concerning the community is always welcome.

Notices of the meeting are posted at each mail kiosk.

What do I need to do if I notice a covenant infraction?

Please report any infractions to the Property Manager in writing or via email. The email address for the Association Manager is

What do I need to do if I obtain a trailer, boat, Jet Ski or RV?

We regret that the documents do not allow the above-mentioned vehicles to be parked on Condominium property.

How can I report maintenance issues?

Please report issues to Property Manager, Caryn Scott at 904-273-3033 or

Emergencies with regard to the common areas of the buildings should be reported to Marsh Landing Management.

If you are calling after hours, you will be forwarded to the maintenance emergency line.

This is answered 24 hours a day by one of our Community Manager's.
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