Marsh Landing Management Company

Testimonials and Reviews about Marsh Landing Management

"The team at MLMC does a great job of keeping our individual homeowners association dues accounts clean and error free, providing accurate and timely financial reports, and interacting positively with our residents, committees and board."

DAVID CZERW, Former President of The Woods

"Marsh Landing is a pleasure to work with and they demonstrate their competence on a consistent basis. Hopefully we have many more years of working together."

MAURY DETTMER, Treasurer, Sawgrass Players Club

Marsh Landing Management has "guided our path forward since 2002 turnover from the Developers, during that time I have worked very closely with Mr. Steve Loveland, president/owner and his team. I specifically worked with our Property Manager, who directed their group on day-to-day operations. Her leadership and attention to detail I found to be superb especially in the last few years with some unique challenged faced by our community."

HAL YOUNG, Former President Marsh Landing Master, Subassociation Board Director

"Marsh Landing Management Company is a very professional organization; not only the staff that we directly deal with, but all supporting associates. MLMC has always been extremely courteous, capable and prompt dealing with our homeowners' questions and concerns. Day to day maintenance, building good relationships with our vendors, assisting Boards, developing budgets, projecting capital needs, planning and securing adequate reserves are all managed very efficiently."

BARBARA KROL, three-term President of Marsh Landing Master Association

"Marsh Landing Management has provided our community with the best possible service over the past 6 and 1/2 years. Our Property Manager has provided the knowledge and skills that we require and his relationship with both the Board of Directors and Homeowners is outstanding. The support staff of Marsh Landing Management goes above and beyond expectations and has proven to meet our needs consistently without fail."

WILLIAM KIGHT, three-term President of Deerwood Improvement Association

"As President of the Woods Community Association they have my highest possible recommendation. We have employed three management companies over the years and Marsh Landing is by far the best management company we have ever had. The Board of Directors could not be more pleased. The entire staff is responsive to our every call and they provide a level of service well above and beyond what is required."

STEVE THOMASTON, 13-term President of The Woods

I have found that MLMC uses a common sense approach to management. This company is skilled in addressing the normal/routine matters that are always present within Association communities. What I find impressive is their ability to address those matters which are atypical or unique and to do so in a timely and professional manner. I gladly recommend MLMC to you."

BRETT ABNER, six-term President Hampton Park Association, Inc

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