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Sawmill Lakes Association FAQ's

Neighborhood Overview
Sawmill Lakes Maintenance Association consists of 371 homes. The Sawmill Lakes website at provides details for the community. You must log in to view detailed information. To log in, you will need a user ID and password. If you do not have a user ID and password, go to the home page, click on register. All residents are part of the homeowner’s association. The Sawmill lakes board appoints separate contracts for its day to day operations.

Marsh Landing Management Company is the property management company for the association. The management company attends all board, ARC and covenant hearing committee meetings. They liaison with the architectural review committee and they are responsible for overseeing landscaping, maintenance, waterways and vendor contracts associated with the roadways, lakes and recreational facilities.

First Coast Security is the roving patrol company appointed by the board for the community association. They report street light outages and are tasked with issuing citations for parking infractions such as common area parking, and overnight street parking.

R&D is the common area landscaping company and they maintain common area right of ways.

Aquatic Systems is the waterway company and they maintain all the waterways within the community.

Assessments All residents pay assessments to the association and this amount is the same for every home owner. Assessments are set by the board and its’ treasurer each November. These fees help to fund association roadway replacements, landscaping, roving patrol, the community pool, clubhouse and park (located off S Mill View), reserve items such as common area owned sidewalks, entrance signage, community infrastructure elements, and waterway operations. A copy of your current year association budget is available at your request from Marsh Landing Management Company.

When are my master association assessments due?

Your association assessments are mailed out semiannually. Payments are due in January and July and fund the reserve accounts for roads and waterways, as well as general operating costs. Late fees and interest are charged on February 1 and August 1. It is each owner’s responsibility to keep Marsh Landing Management updated in the event of a change of address.

What do I need to do if I want to make an exterior modification to my house?

Please complete an architectural application and appropriate checklist form and submit it to the property manager with the appropriate review fee and deposit (if applicable). The Application is available on your Sawmill Lakes website. Upon receipt of check and completed application and form, your property manager will submit your request to the Architectural Review Committee Chair who will forward your request to the full committee for review. Generally, the Committee meets the first Friday of each month and you will be notified in writing by the property manager once the ARC Committee has rendered a decision.

What do I need to do if I want to remove a statement tree from my lot?

No statement tree (Live Oak, DD Blanchard Magnolia or Nellie R Steven Holly Tree), shall be cut down, destroyed, removed or replaced from a lot without the express written consent of the ARC.

What do I need to do if I am expecting a visitor?

If overnight visitors will result in overflow vehicles, please contact your property manager. The property manager is authorized to grant a pass for street parking for a limited short-term duration.

What do I need to do if I obtain a trailer/boat, Jet Ski or RV?

Boats, mobile homes, recreational vehicles or other motor vehicles except four-wheel passenger automobiles or vans cannot be placed, parked or stored upon any exterior area of property designated for residential use. Please make arrangements to store them offsite or inside your garage.

Where can I obtain a resident directory?

Visit to view the resident directory. On the left-hand side look under Residents, then Resident Directory.

When is trash pick-up?

Republic Services is the trash-recycling provider contracted by the County. Residents may call them directly at 825-0991. Recyclables and landscape debris should be placed at the curb no earlier than the day prior to pickup. Republic Services is limited in the amount they will remove from each property. There is a charge for any additional amount over a 5 cubic yard pile.

How can I stay informed about Sawmill Lakes Guidelines?

If you have any questions about the governing documents, processes or community guidelines, please call Marsh Landing Management Company, which oversees the management of the association, at (904) 273-3033.

How can I report unlit or always burning streetlights?

The BES Dispatch now has available an e-mail address specifically set-up for reporting streetlight problems. The e-mail address is or you may phone them in to our dispatch at (904)247-6171. You will need to note the closest address to the street light and the light pole number located towards the upper part of the pole. Beaches Energy generally fixes issues within 3-5 days.

How can I report a common area landscaping maintenance issue?

If you notice an area on master common area that needs attention, please report the issue to the property manager so that our landscape contractor may be properly notified.

How can I report a waterway maintenance issue?

Waterways are treated monthly in the winter and bi-weekly in summer months. Please report any problems to the property manager so that the aquatic management company may be properly notified. When reporting, please provide details as to the problem and include the physical street address so that the appropriate pond may be identified.

How can I find out about the proceedings of the board of directors and the various committees?

Approved minutes for the board and committees are posted on the website.

How can I find out the meeting schedules for the board of directors and ARC committee?

The reader boards at the entrances of the community list the monthly meetings of the association.

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