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Sawgrass Players Club Association - FAQ's

Welcome to Sawgrass Players Club Association!

Neighborhood Overview
Each of the 16 neighborhoods or communities (called a subassociation) is an independent homeowners association with its own governing documents. The various subassociations appoint their own Board and management companies to oversee neighborhood issues and enforce neighborhood rules. The subassociations charge dues for maintenance of their common properties and administrative costs within their neighborhoods.

The Sawgrass Player's Club Association website provides details for each subassociation under the Our Neighborhoods icon. To log in, you will need to register and have a user id and password. If you do not have a user ID and password, go to the home page, click on Login/Register and follow the instructions.

All subassociations are also a part of the Sawgrass Players Club Master Association, known as the Master Association or the "Association". The Sawgrass Players Club Master Association Board of Directors (the Master Board) consists of elected resident volunteers that enter separate contracts for day-to-day operations.

Marsh Landing Management Company is the property management company for the Association. The management company attends all Master Board and committee meetings. They liaison with the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and they are responsible for overseeing recreation, landscaping, controlled access, maintenance, waterways, and vendor contracts associated with the master owned roadways, lakes and recreational facilities.

First Coast Security is the controlled access management company for the Association. They manage gate operations, roving patrol, and issues citations for various infractions such as: Traffic Hawk violations, common area parking, Gatehouse interference, golf cart misuse, vandalism, overnight parking, and contractor violations.

Precision Turf is the Association's landscaping company, and they maintain all master right of ways as listed above.

Clear Waters is the Association's waterway company, and they maintain all the waterways within the community.

All residents pay assessments to the Master Association and these assessments are the same for every homeowner. Assessments are set by the Master Board and its' finance committee each November. These fees help to fund master owned roadway repairs and replacements, landscaping, controlled access and gatehouse operations, Players Pool (located off Hammock Cove Drive) and Players Park (located off Alta Mar Drive), sidewalks, signage, bridges and lighting, infrastructure, waterway, and pump operations. A copy of the Master Association budget is available at your request from Marsh Landing Management Company.

Sawgrass Players Club Master Assoc - FAQ's

When are my Master Association assessments due?

Your Master Association assessments are mailed out semiannually to all lot owners within the Players Club. Payments are due in January and July. Late fees and interest are charged on February 1 and August 1. It is each owner's responsibility to keep Marsh Landing Management updated in the event of a change of address. Master association dues may be paid by check made payable to the Sawgrass Players Club Association, Inc. (SPCA) or by clicking on On the Truist home page under Homeowner Payment Options click the box "Pay now or enroll".

** Please note your Master Association assessments are separate from your subassociation. **

What do I need to do if I want to make an exterior modification to my house?

Please complete an architectural application and submit it to the Architectural Controller with the appropriate review fee and deposit (if applicable). For modifications requiring only Architectural Review Board (ARB) approval, the Architectural Controller will submit your request directly to your ARB for their review and approval. Once the ARB has approved the application, you will be notified of your approval.

For modifications requiring Master Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval, your Architectural Controller will submit your request first to your ARB for their initial review and approval. Following your ARB's approval, your Architectural Controller will forward your request to the ACC for approval. You will be notified once the ACC has approved your application.

** Please note the ACC shall review all modifications that change the building footprint or require a St. Johns County Building Permit. Additionally, they shall approve tree removal requests and modifications visible from another community, golf course or Master association common area. The ACC meets the second and fourth Monday of each month. Reviews requiring ACC approval should be submitted 30 days prior to the Master meeting to ensure the ARB has had adequate time to conduct their initial approval.

What do I need to do if I want to remove a tree from my lot?

No tree or shrub, the size of which exceeds four (4) inches in diameter at its base, shall be cut down, destroyed or removed from a lot without the express written consent of the ACC, unless the ARB has its own rules governing tree removal.

What do I need to do if I am expecting a visitor?

Gatehouse staff cannot grant entry to visitors without prior authorization by a resident. This includes guests, golf, pickleball and tennis guests you plan to meet at the TPC Clubhouse or The Yards, service companies, deliveries, vendors, taxis and others. To avoid delays, contact the Gatehouse at 285-4161 or 285-4160 in advance. Additionally if you wish to add someone to your permanent guest list you, may log in to and click on the gate access tab. You will need a different user name and password to log in to gate access tab.

What do I need to do if I change vehicles or obtain a RFID?

All residents' vehicles and RFID's must be registered at the Access Control Office located at Marsh Landing Management Company, 4200 Marsh Landing Boulevard, Suite 200. RFID office hours are Mon. thru Fri. from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm. Required documents include vehicle registration and driver's license. RIFDs are not transferable. *Please note that the vehicle must be onsite in order to receive an RFID. They cannot be handed out*

**Please refer to the Property Owner and Resident Guide for additional RFID/decal information**

What do I need to do if I obtain a trailer/boat, Jet Ski or RV?

Boats, mobile homes, recreational vehicles or other motor vehicles except four-wheel passenger automobiles or vans cannot be placed, parked or stored upon any exterior area of property designated for residential use. Please make arrangements to store them offsite or inside your garage.

What are controlled access guidelines for my builders/contractors and delivery personnel?

Builders are permitted to work in Sawgrass Players Club from Monday to Friday. Winter hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and summer hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. On Saturdays work and delivery hours vary by subassociation and you should contact your subassociation property manager for details. Construction passes are valid only Monday thru Saturday. Construction is not permitted on major holidays, TPC weekend or Sundays.

Sunday deliveries are not permitted. For emergencies, the patrol officer on duty may escort the delivery truck at his or her discretion.

Where can I obtain an owner directory?

Visit to view the owner directory. Log in and then click on Resident Directory located on the left hand side.

When is trash pick-up?

Republic Services is the trash-recycling provider contracted by the County. Schedules vary by sub association and street. Owners may call them directly at 904-825-0991. Republic Services is limited in the amount they will remove from each property. There is a charge for any additional amount over a 5 cubic yard pile.

How can I stay informed about Sawgrass Players Club Master Assoc Community Guidelines?

If you have any questions about the Master Association governing documents, processes or community guidelines, please call Marsh Landing Management Company, which oversees the management of the Master Association, at (904) 273-3033. Information is also available on our website at

What do I need to do if I notice a compliance issue?

Please report any residential infractions to your subassociation property manager in writing or by email. Covenant infractions vary by subassociations covenants. Please report any unleashed dogs, vandalism, gate arm incidents, vehicle and parking violations to First Coast Security. You may call the main gate at 904-543-0043.

How can I report unlit or always burning streetlights?

The BES Dispatch now has available an e-mail address specifically set-up for reporting streetlight problems. The e-mail address is or you may phone them in to our dispatch at 904-247-6171. You will need to note the closest address to the street light and the light pole number located towards the upper part of the pole. Beaches Energy generally fixes issues within 3-5 days.

How can I report any unlit master common area lights?

Master common area lighting includes the lights along PGA Tour Boulevard, the Sawgrass Players Club recreation field, the lights along Alta Mar Drive, the Players Pool and the gatehouses. The Marsh Landing property manager can be reached at 904-373-5601.

How can I report a common area landscaping maintenance issue?

If you notice an area on master common area that needs attention, please report the issue to the Players Club to Marsh Landing Management Company so the landscape contractor may be properly notified. Master common areas covered under the landscape contract include all right of ways along PGA Tour Boulevard, Salt Creek Drive to the vehicular bridge, Players Club Villas Road to the Players Club Villas vehicular bridge, Alta Mar Drive (excluding the Yards), Palmera Drive (excluding islands owned by Oakbridge), Players Park, the Players Pool, the median from A1A to the Main Gate and both gatehouses. Marsh Landing Management Company can be reached at 904-373-5601.

How can I report a waterway maintenance issue?

Waterways are treated monthly in the winter and bi-weekly in summer months. Please report any problems to Marsh Landing Management Company so that the aquatic management company may be properly notified. When reporting, please provide details as to the problem and include the physical street address so that the appropriate pond may be identified.

How can I find out about the proceedings of the board of directors and the various committees?

Approved minutes for the Master Board and committees are posted on the website.

How can I find out the meeting schedules for the board of directors and committees?

The reader Boards at the entrances of the community list the monthly meetings of the Master Association. Additionally the events calendar on the website home page includes all the scheduled meetings of the Board and committees.

How can I volunteer for a committee?

You can indicate your interest in joining a committee by completing the online form. From the website home page, click on Board/Committees and scroll down to Join a Committee. Complete the online form and click "Submit".
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