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Marsh Landing at Sawgrass FAQ's

Welcome to Marsh Landing!

Marsh Landing Management Company manages Marsh Landing. Marsh Landing has a Master Association and ten sub-associations. Each Association has a Board of Directors and committees that meet regularly.

Marsh Landing Management Company 904-285-6514; FAX: 904-273-0933 4200 Marsh Landing Boulevard Suite 200 Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250

Property Manager: Janet Williamson,

Administrative Assistant: Pat McInerney

ARB Coordinator: Karen Arflin

Marsh Landing Country Club is operated by its owner Chester Stokes. Contact the club directly for membership information. All departments may be reached by calling 904-273-6514.

General Manager: Bruno Couturier,

Covenants, Rules & Regulations
Copies are available on-line at: or for a fee at Marsh Landing Management Company offices.

Architectural Review Board Guidelines
The "ARB Green Book" is available on line at or at Marsh Landing Management Company.

Gate Access Cards & Vehicle Stickers
The Access Control web site accommodates registration of guests and service personnel. The Automated phone system allows for voice mail instructions. Barcodes and decals are available at Marsh Landing Management Company. First Coast Security is the largest premier gated community service provider in North Florida and is the service provider for Marsh Landing.

Homeowner Association Assessments
Homeowners Association assessments are quarterly, due January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. Each association establishes the amount of the assessment during their budget planning each year.

Boat docks
Boat docks are owned by and are for the exclusive use of owners in Harbour Island, Swift Creek and Found Forest.

Web site:
Important information can be sent at any time by email blast to advise owners of important matters. Monthly, an update on community issues is sent to the membership. Email participation is voluntary. Owner directories are maintained on the web site and input is directly from the owner to be up to the minute accurate. The website is maintained by a consultant with input from the Marsh Landing Boards, committees and Marsh Landing Management Company. There is a comment board for owners.

Marsh Views newsletter and Community Information
The Marsh Views is generated by a volunteer committee and is published quarterly. It contains features on owners, events and community issues.

Marsh Landing at Sawgrass - FAQ's

When are my Owners' Assessments due?

Owners' Assessments are billed quarterly. Each owner is a member of two associations, the Marsh Landing Master Association and their local sub-association. Assessments are due January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. Accounts are due in 30 days with late fees and Interest assessed on the 31st day. It is the owner's responsibility to update any change of address with Management Company to ensure proper receipt of assessment statements.

What do I need to do if I want to make an exterior modification to my house?

Please complete an Architectural Review Board (ARB) application form. Forms and the "Green Book" which lists requirements and fees are available from the ARB Coordinator. Applications are due the Friday prior to the next scheduled meeting. ARB Committee meetings are generally held twice monthly, on Tuesday at 2:30

What do I need to do if I want to remove a dead tree from my lot?

A pine tree within 25' of a home foundation may be removed without ARB application for removal; however notification to the ARB coordinator is required. For all other trees, please complete an ARB application form and submit it to ARB coordinator, along with a picture of the tree. It is also good to mark the tree with landscape tape or spray paint. The ARB consultant will visit the home site and report to the ARB Committee at their next ARB meeting. Tree mitigation may be required for trees greater than 6" diameter.

When is trash collection?

Trash collection occurs on Tuesday and Friday with Yard Debris collection on Monday. Special pick up may be arranged for a fee with Seaboard Waste Systems (904) 825-0991. Trash containers are not permitted curbside prior to the afternoon before a scheduled collection. Yard Debris may be placed curbside on Sunday afternoon.

What do I need to do if I want to add/remove guests allowed to visit us

Guests are authorized by owners on-line via the web site or through the automated Access Control phone system. To receive a barcode, guests must be sponsored by an owner and barcodes are subject to cancellation at the request of an owner or at any time. Marsh Landing does not have a permanent guest list. Vendors will be asked to provide a valid driver's license for entry.

What do I need to do if I change vehicles?

The new vehicle will need to be registered and the old vehicle will be cancelled if needed. Please come to Marsh Landing Management Company for decals and barcodes. A vehicle registration is required. Access Control will apply the barcode 24 hours after registration.

What do I do if I have a boat and a dock in Harbour Island?

Boat registration and emergency information must be provided at Marsh Landing Management Company.

Where can I find an Owners Directory?

Register your family and use the Owners Directory on-line at Owners provide information for the directory, ensuring the information is accurate and current.

What do I need to do if I notice a covenant or rule violation?

You may report violations to Marsh Landing Management Company Property Manager Janet Williamson or Administrative Assistant Pat McInerney. Covenant infractions may include but are not limited to: improper yard debris placement, illegally parked vehicles, unsightly lawns, improperly stored refuse containers, unkempt mailboxes and unapproved signage.

How can I stay informed about Marsh Landing Rules and Regulations, Covenants, events and other important news?

Copies of legal documents are on-line at and are located for a fee at Marsh Landing Management Company offices. News of meetings and events is posted on reader boards at the entry gates and at the parks. The Marsh Views newsletter is published quarterly and email blasts are sent to those who authorize receipt.

What do I need to do if I obtain a trailer, boat, Jet Ski or RV?

We regret that the above-mentioned vehicles cannot be parked in driveways or where visible. However, as an example, if you have a three car garage and two cars, the additional bay may be used for a recreational boat or Jet Ski provided it fits in the garage with the doors down.

How can I report unlit streetlights?

Please report streetlight issues to the Property Manager. You will need to note the address that the street light is closest to. Additionally, Access Control Patrol reports lights weekly.

How can I report a common area landscaping maintenance issue?

If you notice an area on the golf course that needs attention you will need to report the problem to the Club. If you notice an area in Association common areas please report the maintenance concern to the Property Manager so that the Landscape Contractor may be notified. Additionally, if you notice a problem on an undeveloped lot please report the concern to the Property Manager. The owner of the lot will be contacted.

How can I report a lake maintenance issue?

Marsh Landing Management Company has a logbook for our Lake Contractor. It logs how often a lake is visited and what was done at each visit. Please let the Property Manager know which lake you have concern with. The Lake Contractor will be contacted and will attend to the lake on their next visit.

What are contractors and vendor hours?

Contractors and vendors are permitted to work on-site Monday - Saturday. Hours are Monday - Friday between 6:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. and Saturday from 7:45 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Construction is not allowed on Sundays.

Are construction sites to be kept neat?

Yes, while a construction site is a work in progress, it should look as neat as possible and be a safe site. Silt fencing should be installed around marshes and building sites should be maintained as best as possible. Portable-potty's, Pods, and dumpsters should be kept back from roads as possible and still be serviceable. If you notice any violation of these guidelines please report them directly to the Property Manager or the ARB coordinator.
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