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Deerwood Improvment Association FAQ's

How do I get a barcode?

Automobile bar codes are available at the Baymeadows Gate, Monday through Friday, 7 am - 6 pm. Please call 642-1633 for an appointment if you cannot make it during these hours.

Why it is necessary to Pre-Authorize guests and how to do it?

All visitors who ARE NOT on your permanent list must be authorized by you before entering Deerwood. It takes 3 to 4 minutes to process a guest who has not been pre-authorized, but only 30-40 seconds to clear a pre-authorized guest. Please call 642-1604 for temporary guests. For permanent guests call 642-1633 or use the website Important: the website is for permanent guests not temporary guests.

Our new Access Control System is the ISN Gatekeeper Software System and has been in use since June 2008. We hope you have all taken time to go to the website to review your information. We encourage you to use it regularly to authorize permanent guests and to review your past guest activity. We want owners to feel comfortable and confident in using this system. If you need help with any of this, or can't log on, please email Joe Holliday (Access Control Account Manager & Database Administrator) at If you do not use the internet, please know the process for authorizing temporary guests is by dialing 642-1604 /permanent guests 642-1633.
  1. Sign on at 
  2. Click "Residential Sign-In"
  3. User Name = First Initial and Last Name of principal owner.
  4. Password = Same as pin number used when call the gate.
  5. On the next page, place the cursor over the box “Resident”, the drop down menu will appear, click “My Info”
  6. You will note your basic information displayed including your permanent guest list.
  7. To add/or delete guests, click "Open Guest"
  8. Enter the following:
    1. Name of Guest
    2. Check if guest is to be permanent.
    3. Select best category of guest
    4. Modify the Expire Date for permanent guests or guest that maybe authorized for several days or weeks. Click "SAVE" when you complete the entry. NOTE: A daily guest authorized today will become invalid on the "Expire Date". If you are authorizing a guest for tomorrow, you need to modify the expire date by adding a day.
  9. When finish, please click the sign out box.

Realtor Access Control Procedures
  1. All Agents must present to the security officer on duty a photo business Card, valid Florida Realtor License, or a business card and Florida Driver's license.
  2. All Clients must be accompanied by a qualified real estate agent or broker.
  3. Agents desiring to visit or show an occupied home must receive pre-authorized clearance from the owner or resident prior to an appointment.
  4. Realtors/brokers desiring to show an unoccupied (vacant) home or merely perform a drive through of the various area of The Deerwood Country Club are requested to state this intention to the on-duty security officer upon entering the property.
  5. Caravans: When organizing a caravan at Deerwood, it is recommended that the coordinating agent contact security prior to the event to assure timely access into Deerwood.
  6. Open House: Open house showings are held on Sunday between the hours of 12:00 noon to 5 pm. Prior to the open house date, the agent is requested to supply security with the address of the home and a minimum of ten (10) maps. The agent will also provide security with a list of pre-approved names attending the open house. If a guest arrives at the gate whose name is not on the list, security will call the home for authorization. If the home is vacant, the agent must provide security with a cell number to call for authorization. Each person must be approved by the owner or the realtor via phone if their name is not on the list, or they will be denied entry.
  7. Signage Restrictions

    Effective September 1, 2009, in accordance with the DIA Covenants and Restrictions and ARC review, all realtor and/or owner signs (existing and new listings) must meet the following criteria. Any signs not meeting these criteria will be removed by Access Control.

    1. The criteria used for the sign is standard for a number of gated communities in our area and therefore should not place a burden on realtors. Click this link for exact dimensions, style and other pertinent information for you to take to your sign company. If you do not have a sign company, the following companies are familiar with the sign dimensions and colors: Matt Broadus Signs (396-6950), Mail Masters Printing & Signs (285-9129) and Giglio Signs (396-9046).

    One (1) "Open House," "For Sale" or "For Rent" sign of approved size and colors may be posted on the property of the address being advertised. It may be smaller but not larger. A sign no more than 4" x 10" may be attached at the top of the sign for the realtor's name and telephone number. It may be smaller but not larger. Signs no more that 4" x 10" may be attached to the bottom of the sign for "Contract Pending," "Sold," "Website" or other information. They may be smaller but not larger. Tubes may not be attached to the post or sign or installed in the ground.


What are the rules regarding dumpsters and storage pods?

  1. Dumpsters: A dumpster may remain on the lot for the time period allowed for completion of construction provided by the covenants for the unit in which the home is located. When at all possible, the dumpster should be placed in an area that will not adversely affect the adjacent neighbors and the Deerwood community. In the event of a delay in construction, the dumpster must be removed and the lot cleaned so as not to be an eyesore to the community. Condominium owners should contact their Property Manager for approval of the location. Failure to complete within the time allowed may also subject the owner to penalties and/or fines as provided by the covenants.
  2. Storage Pods: Storage pods are only permitted to be placed inside the motor court for no longer than two weeks. Pods for the condominiums may only be placed in the owner's carport space or a condominium common area parking space for no longer than three days. Condominium owners should contact their Property Manager for approval of the location. Failure to remove the storage pod within two weeks for homeowners and three days for condominium owners may subject the owner to penalties and/or fines as provided by the covenants.

Are motorcycles allowed in Deerwood?

If you see any resident or guest riding a motorcycle in Deerwood, please call Security at 642-1633 immediately, as this is a violation of the covenants and restrictions of Deerwood. Thank you.

What are the parking guidelines in Deerwood?

The Covenants and Restrictions of Deerwood generally prohibit overnight parking of vehicles in circular driveways and that portion of regular driveways not enclosed by a fenced motor court. We understand that on occasion, houseguests may have to park in these areas for a limited time. Our security patrols have begun creating a report on those properties that consistently violate this covenant and the owner will be contacted in the near future. Parking in the street overnight is prohibited.

Please remind contractors, including landscapers, not to park on the common areas along the roadside or on islands, as they can damage irrigation and sod.

What is the waste collection policy in Deerwood?

Deerwood, unlike other communities, enjoys a motor court collection as required by the Governing Documents of Deerwood. All refuse is to be stored in the motor court area and will be collected by the waste management company provide by the City of Jacksonville. The collection days for Deerwood are Monday and Thursday. To absorb this additional cost for the motor court collection, WASTE PRO charges a monthly residential single family premise collection fee of $29.50. The fee for residents electing a second weekly garbage collection will be $36.50.

  • WASTE PRO will bill residents for their collection service on a quarterly basis.
  • Remember to keep your garbage/recycle/yard waste in your car court (not in the street).
  • If you have a missed pickup, call WASTE PRO at 731-7288. If you have continuing problems with your collection, call 630-CITY.

What information do I need to provide to Access Control for large parties at my home?

Hosting of large parties of ten or more non-resident guests require that a written guest list be given to Access Control 48 hours prior to the event. You may pick up a Party Guest List Form at the Access Control gate. This enables the guards to prepare guest passes marked with the route to your home in advance. The guards will also assist you in finding the best locations to park additional guest vehicles. On a fee-for-service basis, off-duty personnel can be hired to direct your guest's vehicles.

What are the requirements for directional signs for my large party?

Only approved size party signs may be erected in the designated medians of Deerwood. These signs are to be no larger than 6" x 16" or 12" x 12" and must be removed within 24 hours after the party. Those signs remaining longer will be removed by the guards and transported to the gate house and disposed of after 7 days if signs are not claimed. Approved signs may be ordered through Broadus Sign Company at 396-6950.
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